PCPI® is a membership organization uniquely focused on improving patient health and safety through the advancement of measurement science, quality improvement and clinical registries.

Through our key programs — Measurement Science, the National Quality Registry Network and the Quality Improvement Program — PCPI:

  • Identifies and develops evidence-based clinical performance measures and measurement resources that enhance the quality of patient care and foster accountability
  • Facilitates the sharing and standardization of leading practices for clinical registries to increase their usefulness
  • Promotes the large scale implementation of effective and relevant quality improvement activities
  • Advances the science of clinical performance measurement and improvement

The core function of PCPI is to convene diverse perspectives to solve common problems. With the multiple stakeholder structure of the Board and membership, a variety of perspectives and ideas will be shared to move the organization's mission and vision forward.

Mission, Vision & Goals

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PCPI Leadership

Learn more about PCPI's leadership and governance structure, how people get elected to the board, or review the by-laws.

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PCPI Staff

Learn about our depth and breadth of experience related to health care performance improvement.

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List of Member Organizations

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