The Board of Directors is the principal governing body of PCPI. The Board term runs October to October. The standard term of service is three years. Seats on the Board of Directors are held by PCPI member organizations.

The Board is responsible for strategic planning and monitoring, priority setting, financial stewardship, approval of dues, establishing committee structure, approving position statements, providing oversight of programs and committees and selecting officers.  

The inaugural PCPI Foundation Board of Directors was seated in October 2015. Staggered terms were established to ensure leadership continuity.

The first regular election for open seats on the PCPI Foundation Board of Directors took place in September/October 2016. Six representatives from PCPI member organizations were were elected to fill open seats.

John McIntyreChair, 2016-2019
John S. McIntyre, MD

American Psychiatric Association

Adrienne MimsVice Chair, 2015-2018
Adrienne Mims, MD

American Health Quality Association

Laura CranstonSecretary, 2017-2020
Laura Cranston, RPh

Pharmacy Quality Alliance

Diane JewellTreasurer, 2016-2019
Dianne Jewell, PT, DPT, PhD

American Physical Therapy Association

Larry Allen, MD, MHSBoard Member, 2016-2019
Larry A. Allen, MD, MHS

American Heart Association

Bruce AuerbachBoard Member, 2016-2019
Bruce Auerbach, MD
American College of Emergency Physicians

Arlene Bierman, MD, MSBoard Member, 2016-2019
Arlene S. Bierman, MD, MS

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Carol CroninBoard Member, 2015-2018
Carol Cronin, MA, MSW

Informed Patient Institute


Melissa DanforthBoard Member, 2017-2020
Melissa Danforth

The LeapFrog Group

Josh DeesBoard Member, 2015-2018
Josh Dees


Tom Granatir Board Member, 2016-2019
Tom Granatir
American Board of Medical Specialties

Stanley Huff Board Member, 2015-2018
Stanley M. Huff, MD
Healthcare Services Platform Consortium

Lloyd Myers Board Member, 2015-2018
Lloyd Myers
Premier, Inc.

Frank OpelkaBoard Member, 2016-2019
Frank G. Opelka, MD

American College of Surgeons

Amir QaseemBoard Member, 2015-2017
Amir Qaseem, MD, PhD, MHA

American College of Physicians

 William Rich  Board Member, 2017-2020
   Martha Radford, MD, FACC, FAHA​

   American College of Cardiology

William RichBoard Member, 2015-2018
William Rich, MD

Council of Medical Specialty Societies

Board Member, 2017-2020
Lewis A. Sandy, MD, MBA

UnitedHealth Group

David ShahianBoard Member, 2016-2019
David M. Shahian, MD

Society of Thoracic Surgeons

Carl SirioBoard Member, 2015-2018
Carl A. Sirio, MD

American Medical Association

Georgia TuttleBoard Member, 2015-2018
Georgia A. Tuttle, MD

American Medical Association

Georgia Tuttle  Board Member, 2016-2018
  Richard D. Zorowitz, MD​

  American Academy of Physical 
  Medicine and Rehabilitation