Three advisory committees — the Measures Advisory Committee, the Quality Improvement Advisory Committee and the National Quality Registry Network (NQRN) Steering Committee — oversee the work of PCPI®'s three "pillars of activity," which are unique to our organization.

PCPI's Advisory Committees

Measures Advisory Committee (MAC)
The committee focuses on performance measures and supports activities related to the PCPI measurement science program. Learn more about MAC.

Quality Improvement (QI) Advisory Committee
The committee focuses on matters related to improving the quality, safety and efficiency of the health care delivery system and supports activities related to the PCPI QI Program. Learn more about QI.

National Quality Registry Network Steering Committee
The NQRN Steering Committee provides oversight for NQRN to promote the increased use and utility of clinical registries to support health care reform and improve patient health outcomes. Learn more about NQRN.


Volunteering to serve PCPI through committee membership is a rewarding experience that allows you to grow your professional network, learn more about PCPI's activities and help direct the future growth of PCPI. We rely on the expertise, leadership and commitment of our members to contribute to the organization's goals.

Any member (or staff member) of a PCPI member organization is invited to apply for consideration. Appointments are decided by the Advisory Committee chairs. Members of PCPI Advisory Committees serve staggered three-year terms, that begin in October.

Service on committees is highly rewarding and mutually beneficial. Committee members contribute directly to the advancement of the PCPI mission and vision; in turn, PCPI members share their expertise, expand their knowledge and engage in valuable networking.

​Contact Katie Keenan if you would like to contribute.

Subcommittees of the Board

PCPI also has three subcommittees, which include:

By-Laws Subcommittee — responsible for the creation and maintenance of the organization’s bylaws, which include but are not limited to the number of directors the organization should have, the roles and responsibilities of the directors, membership categories, frequency of membership meetings and organizational policies. 

Finance Subcommittee — provides financial oversight for the organization including budget overview, financial planning, financial reporting and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies.

Nominations Subcommittee — proposes the criteria and evaluation process to identify organizational members for the PCPI's Board of Directors and recommends a slate of nominees to be put before the membership for voting.