PCPI's strategic plan is in development with broad involvement and guidance from the Board of Directors (BOD), staff and existing program level plans. The BOD will assess progress towards plan goals and regularly review the plan to ensure that PCPI activities are meeting current and future needs.

The strategic planning process began with interviews of the BOD to:

  1. identify priorities of the BOD members as a whole;
  2. identify gaps in PCPI’s current program level strategic plans; and
  3. obtain information to inform the redrafting of the mission statement.

The interview sessions set the stage for an in-person BOD strategic planning session in March 2016 during which the PCPI’s strategic direction was outlined. The PCPI staff facilitated the planning process and provided important strategic support and analysis to complete this plan. The plan is currently undergoing review by key stakeholders, with the anticipation of Board approval in August 2016.