Improvement in health care demands solutions that are developed by multiple stakeholders including patients, consumers, health plans, payers, health systems and others. With a new and inclusive membership structure as well as continued focus on our three key areas of expertise — measurement science, registries and quality improvement — we will have the diversity of perspectives to solve common problems.

Much of our work is done in collaboration with PCPI member organizations. As the PCPI expands its membership, opportunities to partner with other organizations dedicated to improving the performance of the health care delivery system will increase.

Likewise, PCPI's Quality Improvement Advisory Committee is developing a network of PCPI member organizations focused on building upon the science of large-scale improvement spread and adoption, increasing access to evidence-based knowledge about performance improvement, and exchanging real-world learnings derived from quality improvement projects. This network is intended to accelerate member organizations’ ability to support performance improvement and thereby provide value to your members.