Commercial Distribution License Application

Vendors interested in incorporating measures developed by PCPI into their electronic health record or other products for quality improvement purposes may download and submit a distribution license agreement.

Distribution licenses are non-exclusive, non-transferable and royalty-free.

Submit distribution license application to:
Intellectual Property Services


Continuing Medical Education (CME) Permissions

Royalty-free permission to reprint and distribute consortium measures is available to CME providers. Permission is granted through an expedited online CME permission agreement.

Restrictions on Development of Derivative Works of PCPI Measures

Note: The Measures, while copyrighted, can be reproduced and distributed, without modification, for noncommercial purposes, e.g., use by health care providers in connection with their practices. Commercial use of the measures in which the American Medical Association (AMA) and/or PCPI holds copyright requires a license agreement between the user and the AMA and/or PCPI, prior to use. In addition, the development by a third party of derivative works (e.g., electronic clinical quality measure (eCQMs), eMeasure Specifications or Clinical Decision Support Knowledge Artifacts) of measures in which AMA or PCPI hold copyright by a third party requires that permission be obtained in advance from the AMA or PCPI. For information about derivative works, please contact the PCPI staff.

We may contact you for follow-up information. If you have questions, please contact Intellectual Property Services at (312) 464-5022. This permission shall be effective upon acceptance on behalf of your organization by checking this box.
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