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As of July 31, 2020, PCPI will cease operations.


thank you all for your support and dedication over the last 20 years.


Through you, our legacy of commitment to supporting the delivery of care that has meaningful outcomes will live on.



The PCPI website will continue to be available as a resource until November 30, 2020. As of August 1, 2020 all communication through PCPI social media channels and the website will cease. All inquiries should be directed to kevin.donnelly@thepcpi.org.



We are pleased to announce that PCPI Programs and Resources will continue at their new homes:


Measurement Science Resources will be housed at the American College of Physicians


NQRN will now be housed within the Council of Medical Specialty Societies


PCPI stewarded measures have transitioned to new stewards at several organizations.


For more information, please visit the PCPI Program Resources page


 Program Resources


We advance health by supporting physicians, health professionals and other key stakeholders to deliver care that has meaningful outcomes for the people they serve.

A health care system where physicians, health professionals and patients work collaboratively to optimize health.


Welcome to PCPI

PCPI® is a consortium of diverse organizations dedicated to improving healthcare quality, safety, and value through collaboration for patients, physicians, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders. We are rapidly evolving and lead with ingenuity and innovative thinking to respond to dynamic healthcare trends.

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Join the discussion! The PCPI Online Community is a forum to discuss challenges, share best practices, and collaborate with colleagues on issues as they relate to measurement science, NQRN® and quality improvement.

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Measures Directory

Since 2000 PCPI has developed over 300 clinical quality measures across 47 clinical topics. Our measures have set the bar for evaluating the quality of care provided by physicians and other health care professionals.

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 Programs & Initiatives

 PCPI's Quality Improvement (QI) Program, Measurement Science  Program) and NQRN®, PCPI's   registry program, help fuel  collaboration on  progress in health care performance measurement and     improvement at a national  level.

  Measurement Science
  Quality Improvement


  Join the discussion! The PCPI Online Community is a forum to discuss issues related to quality               improvement, NQRN and measurement science

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  Measures Directory

  PCPI measures have set the bar for evaluating the quality of care provided  by physicians and other      health care professionals. 

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