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COI and ByLaws
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Conflict of Interest and Bylaws

PCPI Conflict of Interest Policy

The PCPI Foundation (PCPI®) welcomes a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds. Diversity of perspectives and backgrounds is intended to enrich and strengthen the work of PCPI. Affiliation with another organization does not necessarily mean that a conflict of interest exists or that the affiliation would result in undue influence.

The goal of the PCPI Conflict of Interest Policy is to insure that PCPI decisions are made as objectively as possible, without improper bias or influence. Disclosure of material interests provides notice to PCPI participants of the interest and potential bias of the disclosing party and enables other participants to evaluate the disclosing party’s opinions and recommendations in light of this disclosure. Where an interest is material, awareness of a participant’s potential bias, coupled with recusal of the disclosing party from applicable votes and, possibly, deliberation on items that implicate the interest, helps to promote fair and objective decision-making by PCPI.

Conflict of Interest Forms and Bylaws

Board of Director Profile and Material Interest Disclosure

Technical Panel Profile and Material Interest Disclosure

Participant Profile and Material Interest Disclosure

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