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Intellectual Property
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Permissions and Licensing of PCPI® Measures Developed by the Former AMA-PCPI

Measures developed prior to June 17, 2015 by the former AMA-convened Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement ("AMA-PCPI"), now known as PCPI® Foundation ("PCPI®") are available to the public, including the former member organizations of the AMA-PCPI, free of charge for use in non-commercial endeavors, without seeking any permissions (notices on the measures provide this permission; eg. use by health care providers in connection with their practices is not a commercial use).  PCPI or AMA will continue to provide and negotiate royalty-free measures licenses for certain commercial uses by former member organizations of the AMA-PCPI, electronic health record vendors, developers of continuing medical education products, and others.  An example of commercial use of measures by a member organization is a registry that includes PCPI measures, and for which the member organization charges a fee.

Rights to Develop Derivative Works or Work Products of the Former AMA-PCPI

The AMA and each former member organization fo the AMA-PCPI whose representative(s) participated in the development of a measure and/or other work product, where copyright was held by the AMA on behalf of the former AMA-PCPI (as evidenced by representative(s) having executed an assignment of copyright to the AMA on behalf of the former AMA-PCPI), has the right, without permission, to create and to distribute derivative works (commercial or noncommercial) of such measure sets and other work products.  No accounting of revenues and expenses will be required by the developer of such derivative works, unless otherwise agreed to by the PCPI Board of Directors.


Neither the PCPI nor PCPI Foundation name, nor the name of the AMA, nor the name of any current or former member organization of PCPI or the former AMA-PCPI, may be associated with a derivative work without the approval of the respective organization.


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