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Quality Improvement
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About the QI Program

PCPI's QI program advances the culture and science of performance improvement, and continues to stimulate and support specific cross-cutting improvement initiatives through various projects and services including:

  • Leading practices & skills building webinars (recordings and slides)
  • Live, in-person sessions and workshops
  • Custom training and consulting services
  • The Closing the Referral Loop project

To obtain a better understanding of current quality improvement programs among its member organizations; satisfaction with those programs; and unmet needs, PCPI surveyed its member organizations to understand the:

  • Scope of quality improvement-focused programming and services
  • Focus of specific quality improvement programs currently provided
  • Methods utilized to deliver quality improvement education, training & tools
  • Barriers to providing quality improvement education & tools
  • Current and future quality improvement programming being offered
  • Success of current quality improvement offerings

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QI Services

PCPI recognizes that member organizations may not always have available staff or internal capacity and capability to provide training in quality improvement or to manage QI projects. PCPI staff provides custom training and consulting to member organizations’ staff teams, boards of directors, and members, in both small- and large-group settings. Specific services include: education on healthcare QI methodologies and specific tools; serving as an improvement advisor on regional and national QI projects and collaboratives; assisting with scope and design of member QI projects and programs; and facilitating improvement events.

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QI Training

PCPI offers member organizations, and their members, several in-person and web-based opportunities for training in QI. These services are designed to help busy professionals learn the essentials of QI and tools they need to put what they learn into practice right away. PCPI will also launch an online QI training program soon.

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Closing the Referral Loop Pilot Project

More than 105 million referrals of Medicare beneficiaries are made between primary care and specialist physicians in the U.S. every year. PCPI, in collaboration with The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education, sponsored the Closing the Referral Loop (CRL) pilot project in involving 12 dyads of primary care and specialist physicians. Through participation in a quality improvement collaborative, dyads were able to increase the number of closed referrals from 40% to 70%, and significantly improve physician satisfaction with the referral process.

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Our Members

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